Light up the world!

I wish I could have done this before…
This is not true! If I did it before, it would be different from what is today.
Sometimes we say things like this… I wish I’ve done it differently. However, was it possible? Is this the best way to live our lives? Why can’t I just appreciate the fact that I did it today?
There is a lot that happened in this path to inner growth that I have no registration of. Even so, it is a part of me! So, I will use some memories of those moments, as they come along, however I will register my present moments. Each day I’ll try to write here something about my day that might be helpfull to you and to me too.
Some posts will be about today’s experiences and others will be about memories of some other days that come to mind as helpful to walk towards our higher self.
From small things to big and unbelievable experiences… everything helps to reconnect with our inner glow.
Hope to light up the world with it, because the world needs it!
Have a wonderful day!
Thank you for existing!


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