Authentic people save the world!

Why do we apologize so often for being who we are?
Have you ever thought about that?
Apologizing for being who we are it’s like denying the right to be.
Why do we so often deny the right to be who we are?
And when we see someone that has the courage to be authentic, we end up judging them.
Are we all dead and still breathing?
Are we all so darn stupid and off record?
Why do we tend to hide who we are?
Just because we think that maybe other people won’t accept us, so we have to pretend, we have to hide ourselves and pretend we are that perfect person that we think others expect of us.
News flash: we’re just projecting our lack of acceptance. We think others won’t accept us, because we don’t accept ourselves.
And how do we justify this thought? “No, wait. We have to do things like that because this is accepted by society”.
Well, there are so many people that make this society great, especially because they are not within the patterns of this society.
Who did that? Who said that we have to do things within a certain model?
Well, probably we heard it when we were growing up. We learn from others. And our parents had their own beliefs and taught us what they believe would be better for us. They must have seen a lot of people mistreated because they had the courage to be different. They didn’t want their children to suffer, so “don’t do that because you won’t be happy”.
Well, it’s exactly the opposite. We won’t be happy if we hide ourselves. We won’t be happy if we pretend to be someone we’re not; if we’re doing things as an obligation.
I know that. For sure, I know that. I’m not happy every time I try to match other’s expectations or an idea I think others have. And that’s the difference. No one told me their expectations. I’m the one who pretends to know what others expect of me.
And sometimes — and this is stupid — I loose tons of opportunities to be happy, especially because I’m not being myself. I was pretending to be that perfect person that I thought I had to act to be accepted by others.
That’s the bottom line of why we judge so many, so much. We are always doing that, judging someone else, and, in that precise moment, if we look within we’ll see that, in the end, we are judging ourselves, because we’re projecting  what we see in us.
There are also those annoying and obnoxious people that come into our lives solely to make us lose control.
They appear in our lives, because we need to lose control, we need to loosen up, we need to stop pretending, we need to connect with our emotions and with our inner self.
When we connect with our inner self, we’ll connect with our higher self and when we connect with our higher self we’ll connect with the Universe. And that’s something no one can change.
So, it’s time to wake up! It’s time to wake up that magnificent, imperfect and unique human being that lives inside you and light up the world.
Do you know why?
Because the world needs unique, authentic and genuine people.
The world doesn’t need copies, because copies show disconnected beings that create a world full of wars, diseases and misery.
The world needs connected people, enlightened people. We will always have our dark side, but even the darkest being can be illuminated.
Please, connect with your inner self with all the joy you can possibly get and light up the world.
We’re expecting you!
Enjoy the path!


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