Unblock emotionally

Sometimes insights come to me in odd ways!
This time it was through images and sounds in a tv series. It was only for a few seconds of violence, but it was enough to remember one of the things most spoken about sensitive people.
It is so often said that sensitive people can’t stand violence. They are too sensible to deal with it.
I was born as a sensitive and turbulent introvert and always avoided violent environments. Usually when in contact with violence, I felt frightened, anxious and sick. So many times watching movies, I was with my heart beating hard and my hands shaking, because of some violent scene. But today, I heard it, saw it and went on with my relaxing moment!
I sat down looking out the window, staring at the trees in the neighbor’s backyard. After a few minutes, it hit me! I was born as an introvert, but I wasn’t ready to deal with it. So, I blocked my gift! It kept me disconnected from my emotions.
Well, I was looking at the trees and asking myself what changed! Did I stop being sensitive? No, I’m still sensible to my surroundings. So, what changed?
Me! I changed! I’m healing emotionally. I’m unblocking and reconnecting with my emotions. It wasn’t the violence that made me sick. It was the emotional blockage. And the sickness was a inner calling to free my sensitivity.
Sensitive people are emotional healers. To help others heal emotionally, we need to be able to deal with everything that makes our emotions go wild. So, we might not like violence, but we are darn capable of dealing with it.
Our sensible being is our strength! To connect with that strength, we need to feel good and bad emotions; we need to know how to go through our good and bad moments. This way we’ll connect with our inner self and our higher self. Just then, we’ll be able to help others to go through their own inner growth!
So, if you’re a sensitive person and feel sick when in contact with violence, look within and look for your blockage! Get in touch with your dark side and light up the world!

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