Woke up with an urge…
A strong urge to write!
Write something special…
So special that might change the world.
Spent all day at home feeling that urge being scattered by a huge lack of words.
Had nothing to say, really!
That lack of words was making me feel useless.
It looked like, deep down inside, I had something to say but wasn’t able to hear what my inner self had for me.
Felt desperate!
Felt useless!
Felt drained out!
Came outside to the terrace.
Sat there between my neighboor’s trees and the noise from the road nearby.
Listen to the birds singing, the trees moving and the cars rushing up and down the street.
Can’t remember what brought me to that question…
I had the computer in front of me, connected, with a text page open waiting to be filled with a special world changing message.
I was there waiting for the first words that might make some sense!
And more nothing!
Why? – I thought.
Why do I need so much to write?
Why do I write?
What drives me to write?
Well, clearly I don’t need to write.
I write because I want to.
That urge wasn’t a need.
Or maybe it was. I don’t know.
What I know is that writing brings me back to myself.
Writing is the path to my inner self.
Writing is connecting with myself.
And today I felt an urge to write something special that might change the world.
What is to be special?
What world?
What kind of change? What is change?
Everything is special in its unique way.
The most simple word, phrase, text, image is special.
Doesn’t have to have any kind of characteristics to be special. It is special only by existing. It only depends on the eyes that sees it.
Was I thinking about my inner world or the world around me or the bigger and wider world?
Are they all the same?
What is to change something?
Was I thinking about material change, spiritual change, emotional change, mental change?
It sounds like an utopia, doesn’t it?
Is it?
To change is to discover the unknown.
To change is to unveil the hidden wisdom.
To change is to connect to the Universal energy that makes us alive.
Can I change the world with words?
Words are windows.
Windows that give us a glimpse to that special treasure behind the walls of fear and shame.
So, yes! We can change the world with words.
Do my words have that power to change the entire world?
Most certainly!
My words have the power to change my inner world, thus the entire world, as they are the same!
We are full of words…
Our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, our wishes, our beliefs…
It’s all words!
Words that might inprison us or set us free!
We just have to be aware of our inner words and change them if necessary.
Changing our words, we can change our life; we can change the world.
Please, be aware of the words that make you who you are.
Change it if you want to change yourself and light up the world, because the world needs you!

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