Positive or Negative – both have a role in your life!

How many times did you hear someone say:
“Stay away from that guy/girl. He/She is so negative.”?
Why? Why should I stay away from someone? Can a person be negative?
Well, heard it a thousand times. A strong warning about the way “negative people” do more harm than good. And I believed it! Believe it to the point of doing it – I’ve ran away from those people so called “negative people”.
However, today I got awaken by a thought. It strucked me like a lightning!
There are no such thing as negative people.
There are only people that are living the negative side of their life. That negativity is shown in beliefs, feelings, thoughts, words, actions, behaviour. But that “behaviour” doesn’t make them negative people. There are no such thing.
We are all energy. And energy is not negative nor positive. It is only energy.
Is the Sun negative?
The Sun is energy. It can be good or bad for us.
The Sun is a good way to recharge and feel happier. It increases the production of seratonine. That improves good mood. But, at the same time, the sun can hurt us, even kill us.
So, the same energy can have a positive and negative effect on us.
Now, imagine an energetic pile… it is an energy container. And the energy contained inside will flow out if the positive pole connects with the negative pole.
We are like the Sun… energy!
Our body is like the energetic pile… an energy container.
Therefore, the same occurs to us. We can have a positive or negative effect on others. Besides that, our energy will flow neutral as soon as we connect our positive with our negative pole/side.
So, how can we stay away from negativity?
Life has a positive and negative side. We, as energy, have positive and negative effects. Our body, as an energy container, has a positive and negative pole.
What should we do? Run away from life itself?
It’s wrong to run away from someone else.
Running away from others is running away from ourselves; is running away from life.
When we have a “negative person” in our lives, specially if it is someone we love – it happens too, a brother/sister, a son/daughter, a wife/husband, a father/mother – we must understand that they need to go through that darker side of life and need us to be with them in that journey.
And when they have that – what I like to call – cry for help; that negativity coming out with no restrains, they are crying for help, for our help, because we are living in a positive way, so they are crying for help. So, if that happens try not to be driven by your ego, try not to let your ego drive you by keeping you away from that person, because that is going to hurt you more than it’s going to help you – it is going to make you feel guilty and ashame cause you ran away from them.
Obviously, if you’re conscious enough to understand that that person is crying for help, that he/she needs your help, try to transmute every negativity that he/she sends to you, shares with you. Try to bring that negativity, bring it inside your heart, your positive, kind and compassionate heart; bring it inside, to your center, make it flow along with your energy, bring it inside, feel what that person is feeling, try to feel what’s fueling that negativity; feel that negativity in your center and please be aware that negativity is not yours. Be conscious that it is only something that you picked up only to let it flow along you energy to be transmuted into something lighter.
And then, bring it out and share peace, love, kindness, compassion, positivity with that person and the world. Blow over that person and within their environment. You can do that by just breathing in and breathing out and feeling great. Or you can share it by hugging that person, by acting not reacting to what he/she is saying or doing. You can just be there, listening. If you want you can ask something that might clear the situation to you or to them. You can also tell that person the truth. If he/she said something negative, explain why it is negative and the effect it has in their lives. Teach them, share with them all the wisdom that helped you live in a different way. Don’t criticize. That is a darker way of reacting to a negative situation. Of course, it is important to be aware of those negative words, phrases, actions and its also important that you became capable to transform, transmute all that negativity into positivity.
I’m not saying that we should accept everyone in our lives. Sometimes there are people that come into our lives to teach us something. And it might be something so simple like showing us that we don’t have boundaries and that not having those limitations allows other people to put us down, to make us live the darker side of our lives.
So, it’s difficult to understand why we should or we should not have someone in our lives. But it’s also true that we don’t need to run away when someone comes into our lives and for example teaches us that there is something that we need to change in our lives or heal in our hearts. The moment we learn that lesson, the mission of that person will be over, so the universe will make sure that that person leaves our lives in a simple way, just by getting away.

And how can you transmute all that negativity?
By staying centered. By meditation. By faith in human race, specially those that you love and want to help. Don’t tell them “look, that’s is a cry for help because of this or that”, because they don’t know what is happening to them. Remember that most of the times, those people are not aware of their negative behaviour. They are not aware what goes on inside them. They are not aware of a bunch of memories inside them, that makes them feel like that – abandoned, alone, hurt, depressed… they don’t know what makes them feel anger inside and they don’t know why they feel like that. So, they need to get it out and the way they find is to be near a person they love and trust. And the way they do that is in such a way, an unaware way. They don’t want to hurt you, they just want to take it out of their chest, unaware – most of the times – of the pain they are causing to someone else. They just want you to help them. They need your help, they need your attention, they need your positivity.
And the universe brings us someone like that, because the universe needs to rebalance that person, the universe needs to take that person back to their center and be aware of their dark and light side. And to learn how to balance and become more centered and aware of who they really are, besides making them aware of all the things that make them act and react the way they do. So, the universe puts that person in the presence of someone that already went through that dark side of life.
If you’re receiving this people it’s because you already went through that same experience, in this life or a past life.
So, to be in that role, to be able to transmute darkness we have to know and accept our own darkness. That is why the universe brings those people to our presence. They need our help and they are pushed, guided or they feel drawn to us. The universe is asking us to be here and be their teachers or guides, as we had others to help us go through our darkness, to teach us and to help us move through that and live it, and feel it and transmute it.
That’s what is happening right now. There are a lot of people going through so much hard time, such doubts, so much sadness, emptiness and there are people that have the universal duty to help those who are empty to learn the way back to hope, to help them come back to their center.
So, everything has the dark and the light side, the negative and the positive pole. Some are balanced, others aren’t. The unbalance occurs in both sides – people living such negativity and people living such positivity that they become surreal, not real.
And there are others that already lived both sides … they know there are moments that you feel down there, so they apply their wisdom and transmute everything you feel. There are other moments in life that you feel floating, so so positive that you live a fairytale. Either way, they accept and appreciate all moments, because they know that darkness and lightness hold hands. That’s balance. Knowing that we are both, knowing that we are in peace with both, knowing that we are aware of who we are in both sides of our soul. And specially knowing that there is a third spot that connects both sides (holding hands) where we can live in peace and quiet.
Right now to balance the world, to bring peace to this world we don’t need wars, we don’t need weapons. We need to rebalance the ones that are unbalanced. The moment we rebalance those people the world will be balanced too. And wars and haitred and all of that will be what they really are… a way to push us to balance.
And we can look at what is happening in the world right now. If we look at the certainty before 9/11… we thought those mass killings only happened in those countries in the middle east. Then terrorism became an issue in the whole world. So right now that we all know that this world is no longer safe for all of us – uncertainty pervails –, we need to find a way to make it safe again for all of us, middle east included.
That’s what we have to do. And we won’t do it by creating more deadly weapons, by creating more wars or by killing more people. We all have to accept our responsabilities in what is happening in the world; ask for forgiveness and specially forgive ourselves and balance people, balance the world by balancing each other. And maybe then we’ll see what heaven is all about.
When there is no more unbalanced people being used as suicidal bombers. When we all assume that we are all responsable for all the craziness in the world…We weren’t there when everything began, but we are all humans and this happened by the hand of humans.
What I mean is that I was not there – in the beginning of all this hatred – as Claudia Sofia, but certainly I was there in some other form. I don’t know. And I think it is not really important to know if I was there or not or who started it, because I am here now and this is not the world I want to live in. I want to live in a peaceful world. I want to create heaven on Earth, where everyone, no matter which country, race, colour, religion, is able to live freely and live accordingly to their own beliefs and cultures. That’s what I want.
I want to be as free as a bird, as free as the ocean waves, as free as a river, as free as the sun, as free as the moon. Nature was able to live freely in the world. All of them were able to find a place to live without killing and rearranging places, cultures, lifes. So, we just have to balance ourselves, because we need to light this world up with all our unity, with all our unique selves to become one. But no one is the master of the world. We are all the world. So, please light up your world, your inner world and make it shine, make it come out and share with others what you truly are and be happy and at peace with yourself and others, because the world needs us; needs you!

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