A talk with my higher self

Hi. Are you there?
I am always here.
Of course you are! Rethorical question…
How are you feeling?
Why are you feeling happy?
Because you finally decided to talk to me.
You wanted to talk to me?
I’ve been trying to reach you throughout life.
I’m sorry I didn’t hear you.
What did you want to tell me?
Be happy. Believe in yourself. And go for everything you want to achieve.
You have a good heart, good intentions, want to improve yourself and the world.
Start living as you often say you want to live. Take a leap of faith.
Have faith in yourself.
Have faith in your strong connection with the Divine Energy.
Believe in your nature.
You know who I truly am, right?
So, who am I?
Who? You are who you want to be!
You have tons of dreams. Believe in it. You’re worth it!
Which are my dreams?
What? Happiness + making changes + making peace + Love + teaching unity.
Uniting people together and teaching them to embrace their unique self and become one.
How can I do that?
How? The way you choose. First, you need to choose to do it.
Choose the impact you want to have in the world and then choose to achieve it. You’ll find the proper way to do it in the right moment.
Do you think I’m capable of doing something like that?
I’m certain you are capable of everything you choose to do.
Am I ready to contribute to the world?
Oh yeah! You were born ready, my darling! Got lost for some years, but now you’re back on track.
Am I?
Yeah, you are on the right track to excellence.
And why do I have so many doubts, so many questions?
Because you’re afraid to fail.
You’re going to succeed; finally, you’re going to succeed. I’m sure of it.
You deserve to be happy. It’s your essence – happiness, joy, love, wisdom.
So, believe in you and let it come out.
Get in the flow!
Thank you!
Love you!
I love you too!
See you soon.
You know where I am.

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