Cristal ball

As a soul, we are one with the universe.
What about soulmates? Was the soul divided?
Imagine that a soul is a cristal ball. That special cristal ball has all the skills, talents, gifts within itself.
But, at a certain point, a bit of that cristal ball is separated from the main ball.
Does that small bit have all the skills, talents, gifts that the main cristal ball has?
Maybe or maybe not! Even so, it needs to learn, to improve, to grow within itself to develop as a soul.
The Earthly experience is only an opportunity to grow as a light being.
However, the focus remains on reconnecting with the main soul energy, even from a far.
Does this explain why we live the experiences we live? Probably. It doesn’t matter if we have wonderful or horrible periods in life, what we came here for was to receive the best things that life can give us, that is knowledge, learning and wisdom. For that, we have to be able to learn.
I tend to believe that we all are energy in progress. We are energy that comes from the main energy, Universe, God, Nature, Divine Light, call it as it resonates with you the most.
The truth is that we come from this divine light and we come down here, to a place that it is not only light…it has darkness too. It makes us evolve and elevate our energy field. By doing so, it contributes to elevate the world’s energy.
So, just Be. Be light in progress. Use what you already have and give it to the world. Use it to grow.


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