A little girl called Wisdom

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Wisdom. She was shy and quiet. Her big eyes were overwhelming. People felt invaded by that strong and strange light. Other kids were afraid of her because of that. They kept her at a distance. Didn’t want to play with her, didn’t want to be her friend.
Even so, she wasn’t alone. Animals loved her. Dogs, cats, birds, squirrels – all of them loved her. Even the most dangerous animals would sit by her side and stay there playing or just watching her breath, observe and dream.
She was a dreamer! She was always flying in her own mind, telling stories and talking with her closest friends, the animals. It was so strange. Cats would be at dog’s side without quarrels or fear. They felt safe and at peace with their nature.
That little girl grew up and became the “odd” girl from school, from the neighbourhood. Anywhere she went, she was followed by her four-legged friends.
People saw her as a threat. She was sweet with kids; she was caring with old people; she was compassionate with grown-ups; she was a good and beautiful girl, but she was strange. And what others saw was that awkwardness she showed in her actions.
People couldn’t accept nor understand a young lady playing with kids on the street. She would run, laugh, play ball or catch with children on the street. It was awkward. Everything she did was considered strange. How could she care for the elderly or respect grown-ups? Why was she always talking to animals? Those animals protected her and followed her, just to hear what she had to say that day.
However, what scared the most was her loneliness. She was always alone, had no friends. The girls her age didn’t want to go out with her and still she was happy. Life was good to her, she was joyful, loving, peaceful. And that was awkward! How could they understand it?
They spend their lives looking for love, happiness, fulfilment and couldn’t get it. Yet, that strange young women had it all, with no effort. How could they trust someone like that? They just went through life judging everything she did and didn’t do.
Thus, they didn’t live! They kept their brain and heart pumping and their soul imprisoned by fear and prejudice. How could they find happiness, joy, love and fulfilment with such meaningless lives?

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