Love hurts!????

Love hurts!
They say, love hurts!
Since birth, that idea gaining power inside…
It seems so wrong to say that!
How can love hurt?
Love empowers!
Love is joy!
Love is care!
Love is worth!
Still, that idea keeps ruling inside.
Big question! Hard answer!
Big question, because that idea of a hurtful love makes no sense to me!
Hard question, because I can’t identify where it came from!
So, why do I believe it?
It’s nonsense, it’s not mine and still it influences the way I live love.
Well, it influences the way I don’t allow love to live in me!
After all, the first time our eyes touched, I felt repelled.
It was an overwhelming experience.
I found myself in that look, that touch.
But, at the same time, I felt repelled.
Felt like you’re not who I want.
But, I found myself in you.
That means that you’re a reflexion of me.
Oh my God!
Why am I doing this?
Am I rejecting myself?
Am I so afraid of getting hurt, that I deny love to my own self?
That’s crazy!
I believe in love.
I believe in a soulful love.
And that love doesn’t hurt.
Hurt comes from lack…lack of love, lack of self-esteem, lack of respect, lack of connection with oneself.
Don’t I love myself?
I do!
So, if I love myself, how can I believe that love hurts?
It makes no sense!
Do I hurt myself when I love myself?
Can I hurt myself if I don’t love myself?
Yes, if I look for love outside of myself, I can hurt myself and someone else too.
If I lack self-worth, I’ll probably do anything to see my worth recognized by someone else.
And by anything, I mean anything. These are the moments we show the darkest side of us to others.
Thus, the idea of a hurtful love comes from the lack of self-love.
Okay! Love hurts when love isn’t free to exist!
Find the love that lies within you and you’ll live a soulful love that heals instead!
You’re worthy of loving and being loved! Get your power back! The Power of Love!

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